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Beeline Explorometer™

85,074 rides

839,651 km

Thousands of kilometres have been ridden by Beeliners since our launch in 2017 – join the ride and enjoy better bike journeys
Everything you need, all at a glance
desktop version of 3 Beelines indicating the screen features of the bike computer mobile version of 3 Beelines indicating the screen features of the bike computer
Beeline Velo’s interface is kept intentionally really simple. It conveys only the information you need and nothing more. No detailed maps or distracting data with this bike computer. Just what you need, instantly understandable in moments
For any type of riding
bike computers attached to different cycle handlebars
on any type of bike

Not just for navigation

red bike computer showing odometer features


blue bike computer showing speedometer features


black bike computer showing clock features


Constantly evolving technology

Beeline Velo is a smart bike computer, connected to your phone and the cloud. This means it can get better through software updates and we’re committed to doing just that. Since we launched Beeline Velo we’ve released 8 major feature updates based on the feedback we’ve heard from our community, and we’ve got plenty more in mind.
beeline moto customer on amazon review